We try to keep our prices simple and transparent, here's a breakdown of costs for the different services we offer.

General Gardening

Including pruning, planting, mowing and weeding.

£20 for up to one hour, £17 for every hour after that.

Expert services

Including planning suggestions, arboreal and more specialised work.

£35 for up to one hour, £25 for every hour after that.

Material costs

If the cost of materials is £100 or more, material payment is needed up-front.


We cover mileage within our 10 mile catchment area, further than that we charge 45p per mile.

Garden waste disposal

We can take garden waste to a commercial tip at £94 per tonne (approximately 8 of our van loads), or you can dispose if it at a domestic disposal site.

Specialist equipment

We provide everything we will need for nearly all of our gardening work, unless we need something more specialist. We'll let you know what the costs are when we need it.